About Us

Our Story: Where Tradition Meets Luxury

Welcome to Into the West, a family-owned and operated boutique furniture store that has been a fixture in the furniture industry since 1993. We're not just a furniture store; we're a legacy of craftsmanship, creativity, and exceptional service.


Pioneers of Rustic Elegance

Our journey began as pioneers in the world of rustic furniture. Over the years, we've honed our craft and earned a reputation for crafting high-end luxury pieces that stand the test of time. Our furniture tells a story, made from 150-year-old reclaimed wood, old doors, hammered copper, natural travertine stone, and other fine materials.


Experience the Warmth of Family

At Into the West, we believe in making every visitor feel like family. When you step into our store, you're greeted not only by stunning furniture but also by the aroma of warm chocolate chip cookies, baked in store by Mimi. Take your time shopping, enjoy a cold beer, catch up on sports, and become part of our extended family.


A Building with History

In 2016, we embarked on a new chapter by acquiring and renovating a historic building in the heart of Fort Worth dating back to 1904. This building has a colorful past; it served as a bank downstairs and a working brothel upstairs. Legend has it that cowboys, after buying and selling cattle in the stockyards, would visit the bank and then venture upstairs for some leisurely fun.


Preserving History

We've taken great care to preserve as much of this rich history as possible, allowing you to step back in time as you explore our store. The echoes of the past reverberate through every corner, reminding us of the vibrant heritage of our beloved Fort Worth.


Visit Us

We invite you to visit Into the West and experience the intersection of timeless tradition and modern luxury. Come explore our handcrafted furniture, enjoy Mimi's famous cookies, and share in our family's passion for creating unforgettable living spaces.


Thank you for being a part of our story. We look forward to welcoming you into the Into the West family.


These high school sweethearts have shared a love of furniture design for the last 35 years! DFW has been the place they call home as they raised their 3 children Megan, William, and Baxter. They recently made a move to the lake and golf course to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. They enjoy spending nights out in the stockyards and beach time in Cabo San Lucas!

Custom design is their favorite way to connect with customers at Into the West! A blank canvas and fresh ideas are what have kept their passion for the industry alive all of these years! Each home has a story and they want their furniture to be a part of telling it!

A family business through and through, they aspire for their kids to carry out their legacy!


Megan is a Fort Worth native and graduate of TCU!  Megan works as the International Buyer, as well as specializing in social media, press and advertising, customer service, and design. Her favorite part of the business is building relationships with customers in and out of the store! She is a people person through and through and loves welcoming customers into the family!

In her (extremely limited) spare time, Megan teaches dance, judges, and choreographs all over!  You can also hear her on 95.9 The Ranch – GO FROGS!  She married her childhood sweetheart, Jordan, in 2017 and is now juggling mom life with two babies under two – Jude and Poppy! When she’s not changing diapers or working, you can find her two stepping in the Stockyards and loving all things Fort Worth!


Introducing Will, a true Texan with a strong passion for history. With a knack for fixing just about anything, he's our go-to problem solver and the one who keeps the laughter rolling.

His diverse background in every facet of the family business makes Will the epitome of a team player!  He thrives on collaborating with family, and his love for Dr Pepper is second only to his craftsmanship in building and finishing exquisite furniture.  Will creates a tight-knit bond that makes work feel more like play.


Baxter is a treasured member of the Into the West family, who steps in part-time whenever they require an extra set of hands.  Baxter is not only a seasoned private chef but also the proud owner of Emerald Sky Catering.  He enjoys working with the family and loves the culinary culture of Fort Worth


Meet Kellie-- the visionary artist responsible for the breathtaking vignettes and captivating displays in Into the West. Kellie's role in shaping the ITW legacy encompasses imaginative design and the art of product presentation. Her custom floral creations infuse the store with distinctive texture, color, and detail.

Originally from a charming West Texas town, Kellie is fully embracing the Fort Worth lifestyle with her family! When she's not crafting captivating displays and designs at Into the West, you'll find her enjoying in live music and spending time outdoors!

Want to Learn More About Our History?

See the photos from our beginning and learn more about what this building used to be, the brothel and other cool Fort Worth facts on our history page.