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Black and White Cowhide

Black and White Cowhide

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 Cowhide rugs are a natural and elegant addition to any room. 

Cowhides are all unique! You will receive a hide with very similar colors and patterns as pictured. Few hides might contain some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding and barbwire markings.

Cleaning Instructions:

To keep a natural cowhide rug clean, it is recommended to vacuum it regularly with a vacuum cleaner.

In case of a more severe stain, it is recommended to absorb it immediately with a clean, dry and undyed cloth or a bounty paper towel. Then clean with a cloth dampened in mild soap, rubbing gently and let dry in the shade.

Do not use solvent-based products or other abrasive cleaning products.

Rotate your cowhide every 3 months to ensure even wear.

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Natural Cowhide


Approximately 6'W x 8'L

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